Common shoulder conditions treated at Whitefish Chiropractic 

Finding holistic, safe, intentional techniques that our patients are confident in is the backbone of our business. Organic solutions to body wellness and overall health can play a significant role in the healing process. 

Our solutions will effectively treat:

  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Shoulder pain while working your physical job
  • Shoulder pain while working on your computer / at your desk
  • Shoulder pain due to inactivity (being still for too long)
  • Shoulder pain while performing sports, physical activity, exercise 
  • Shoulder tightness
  • Text neck
  • Headaches
  • Nerve discomfort (tingling in the shoulder or radiating from shoulder to neck or arms, burning sensation)
  • Muscle fatigue or weakness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of range of motion / reduction in mobility
  • Shoulder sprain or strain 

No matter what level of discomfort or pain your shoulder is experiencing, we will find a concise treatment plan that will target the cause and rid you of the symptoms. 

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Because we see a wide variety of patients, ranging significantly in age, ability, and physical activity, we offer an array of shoulder pain treatments. All treatment programs are determined by the individual needs and goals of the patient. Our doctors are able to provide experience and insight, take-home rehabilitation processes, and proactive solutions to best support the health of each unique patient we treat. 

Chiropractic adjustments to treat shoulder pain

Spinal manipulations can help reduce stress on parts of the shoulder that are causing pain. We will perform controlled, high velocity, low amplitude thrusts on the spinal joint in need of repair, bringing it back to its fully-functioning position. This allows the spine to support the body in its most natural state.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Technique to treat shoulder pain

This is a commonly used solution to shoulder pain; using a variety of handheld chiropractic tools, we are able to break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions found in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Soft tissue manipulation decreases pain while giving the body back its full flexibility and range of motion.  

Active Release Technique (ART) to treat shoulder pain

Having practiced ART for over 10 years, we use this chiropractic method to manually, non-invasively treat sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal problems. Treating soft tissues and nerves at the source quickly reduces pain and restores the body’s natural function and balance. It is considered the “gold standard” for soft tissue pain.

Dry needling to treat shoulder pain

Using thin needles, our chiropractors can safely and accurately penetrate the skin in areas that will lead to muscle rehabilitation. This solution works to manage neuromusculoskeletal discomfort and provide flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. 

RockTape to treat shoulder pain

RockTape is used to support injured body areas, giving the affected area time to relax and heal. Without the normal pressure sustained on the compromised area, the patient will experience a quicker recovery. 

Home-based rehabilitation to treat shoulder pain

To aid patients in their wellness goals, we offer various exercises and stretches that support our in-office treatments. Building strength and body balance will contribute to the lifestyle success and health of the patient. We encourage our patients to use these safe activities to promote a holistic body and a happy mind. 

Whitefish Chiropractic is dedicated to your efficient, effective, organic treatment process. Healing your shoulder pain through non-invasive techniques, ongoing maintenance you can complete at home, and advice on your shoulder’s correct management will give you the fast, effective results you want. 

Why do I have shoulder pain?

In many cases, your pain is coming from the rotator cuff, your shoulder joint, or due to muscle overuse. But there are also instances where the cervical spine (found in the neck) or problems in your upper back alignment play a role in shoulder pain. 

Some of the more common neck conditions we treat are nerve impingement, herniated disc, and spinal stenosis. Upon our initial consultation with you, we will accurately determine where the pain is stemming from and why. 

Some of the reasons you may be experiencing shoulder pain include: 

  • Job-related physical work (construction workers, carpenters, landscapers)
  • Sport-related injuries (fly fishing, baseball, heavy weightlifting) 
  • Muscle and joint overuse
  • Postural conditions (poor posture) 
  • Old injuries
  • Chronic injuries 

After determining your problem’s cause, we will implement a program that will remedy that problem as it supports a natural, proactive solution for ongoing healthcare and body balance. We know the importance of your lifestyle, and we will help you in maintaining it safely. 

Those who visit our Whitefish Chiropractic offices are commonly experiencing one or more of the following shoulder issues:

  • Minor or dull throbbing when the shoulder is inactive
  • Radiating pain starting at the shoulder and continuing in the neck, arm, or back
  • Loss of range of motion, flexibility, or movement  
  • Discomfort when throwing, lifting, or repetitive action-based use for a sport or job
  • Discomfort performing daily activities (putting on a seatbelt, getting dressed, etc.)

We will create a specialized wellness plan that’s unique for you, keeping in mind your comfort level, ability, lifestyle, and health goals. Our techniques are natural, non-invasive, and nurture respect for the body. 

Whitefish Chiropractic for your shoulder pain 

Pain causes more than physical problems but can lead to mental and emotional stress as well. Don’t let it run your life. Minimal pain has a way of sneaking up to substantial pain; visiting with our Whitefish chiropractors can help ensure your discomfort doesn’t get out of hand. We offer risk-free techniques to rid you of shoulder pain and get you the balanced body, mind, and soul your life deserves. 

Don’t let your shoulder pain get any worse; our specialists are here to find the cause of your symptoms. Call us today to learn how. 


We work with a variety of shoulder injuries and ensure they get treated correctly and organically. Please read what some of our shoulder pain patients have to say about the treatment they’ve received from us. 

“Had problems with constipation and a kink in my shoulder. Went in and was squared away within 10 minutes.” – Taku H. // Whitefish, MT

“I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for over 30 years from 6-7 different practitioners (mostly due to moving). I’ve experienced many different styles. With some trepidation about finding a local Flathead chiropractor, I followed a friend’s recommendation to Whitefish Chiropractic, and met with Dr. Mike. He was very patient and understanding about what treatments I have liked and not liked, and very thorough in explaining his proposed treatment. He met my comfort level, and provided yet another new style with his soft-tissue work, something I’ve only had in PT and massage settings previously. After only one visit, I’m very pleased and look forward to getting my neck pain resolved and my shoulders and neck area stabilized again.” – Laura B. // Kalispell // MT

Live active. Live healthy.

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